Plans for Second Phase of Athens Riviera Reconstruction Project Presented

The plans for Phase B are the work of renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano. They cover the seaside from the Faliro Delta to the Peace and Friendship Stadium, including all of the neighborhoods of Tzitzifies, Kallithea and Moschato.

Works on the ambitious project to revamp Faliro Bay, which is a large portion of the broader “Athens Riviera,” began in 2017. The aim of the redevelopment is for all Athenians to have easy access and multiple uses of a long shorefront which has never been used to its full potential.

Phase B of the Faliro Bay redevelopment will be one of the largest public works in Greece  in the coming years. The project, which is expected to be put out for bid by the Attica Region in the next few months, includes features which will complement the ongoing projects under Phase A of the Faliro Bay reconstruction.

According to reports, the Attica Region is considering applying for a loan to the European Investment Bank (EIB), which is now financing infrastructure projects at favorable rates.

Τhe multipurpose coastal park to be developed in the future will not be cut off from the city, and will unify the neighboring municipalities of Piraeus, Moschato, Kallithea and Paleo Faliro along the entire shoreline.

These plans will include the displacement of Poseidonos Avenue 90 meters south of its current location to a new parallel alignment, as well as two underground crossings 300 meters (984 feet) from each other, so that easy public access to the sea can be ensured.

In place of the old coastal avenue, an enclosed floodwater pipeline is being constructed which will protect the neighboring municipalities in the event of heavy rainfall.

Works on Phase B of the ambitious plan will commence on February 17, 2020 by shifting the tram line section from Moschato to Tzitzifies. The new line will be constructed at a lower level, at the same height as Ethnarchou Makariou Street.

Work on the construction of the new tram line is expected to be completed in approximately four months.